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By Kuroda Shigeki

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In the Mist

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Biographical Information about Kuroda Shigeki:

Born in Yokohama, Kuroda Shigeki attended Tama University of Fine Arts in Tokyo. He began making intaglio prints in 1972. In 1979, he exhibited at the Bradford International Print Biennial in England.? His work has also been displayed in LjubJana International Print Biennial (1979, 82, 85, 88), Grenchen International Triennial (1979), the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Boston City Gallery (1982), and The Yokohama-Shanghai Art Exchange Exhibition.

In a recent statement, Kuroda Shigeki said that he has never intentionally made sketches of real umbrellas and bicycles but used those images only to ?express the change, flow, and expanse of time in a pictorial dimension.? One can say that he has certainly met the challenge of depicting motion on paper. However, there is not a single person we know who owns his prints who does not think of them as bicycles and umbrellas. The subject has a universal appeal, but the reactions are different: Singaporeans think they are scenes of Paris, in Sydney art lovers know good and well that they must take place in Tokyo; and in Hong Kong people have it firsthand that they depict some exotic, unknown locale. Discover where Kuroda?s work may take you.



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