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The Road Less Traveled

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Aqua Blanca

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Biographical Information about Kaiko Moti:

???? Kaiko Moti emerged from a tradition that worshipped light.? So, it was from his roots that his artistic challenge took form, to capture the essence, the light of his subjects.

???? His range is impressive:? landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, animals and even the occasional portrait.? But it is his pursuit of luminous color that casts a radiant aura over his work that is unforgettable.

???? He was a master of his medium and a disciple of his trade.? Moti said, ?Art chose me; it was in my being whether I liked it or not.? Art is me, it is my life.? I conceive it purely and simply as yet teeming with energy and activity.?

???? It is worth noting that for his etchings, unlike other engravers, Moti did not work from sketches, but kept the concept entirely in his mind.? So it is not surprising to learn that certain prints could take him as many as 7 years to complete to satisfaction.

???? From an original idea to the completed etching represents and investment of at least several months of work, and the plate can be ruined by one slip of the hand.? Although he used up to 15 colors in some of his etchings, he could get such complex color effects from as few as six colors that the viewer feels like he or she is looking at a water color.? Each individual impression would take up to an hour to ink and print.

???? In the beginning his etchings seemed to have their roots in sculptural and linear forms, but as Moti continued to refine his technique and too, as his sight continued to fail, seeing ultimately only soft fluid forms, his etchings became conduits of color and light.? A limpid, translucent quality dominated his work, lines virtually vanished and impressionist values became his obsession.? He was a fountain of knowledge fascinated by mathematics and science but consumed by art.

???? On February 8, 1989, Kaiko Moti died.? Moti, the uncompromising purist, leaves behind a compelling body of work, his mark on this earth, his testament to life.? ?For me, nature is a mirror that reflects beauty without forgetting that beauty is made up of moral values, dignity and love.?

???? ?We must continue al the time to look for the answers to the questions posed even if we never find them.? Because what is most important in the end is being in harmony with yourself and with nature??

???? ?It is only how you live your life that makes any sense,? Moti continues.? ?We arrive here on earth, and then we leave.? That is the natural course of things.? What one leaves behind is paramount to all other things, as well as the satisfaction one feels at having accomplished something, whether it be a new idea or a work of art.? That, along with dying without regrets, is all that matters.?

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